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What Can I Expect with Restoration Services in My Lockport Home?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

No matter what disaster strikes your property, our SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County team is here to help.

Many disasters can leave your Lockport property in need of immediate attention, and our fast response can make these losses “Like it never even happened.”

There is versatility in the term restoration services. Whenever disasters like water and fire losses impact your Lockport home, you need assurance that competent and qualified professionals can help quickly. Our fast response during a crisis can ensure that the appropriate emergency services, mitigation steps, and restoration techniques are employed appropriately. By responding to many loss incidents within hours of the first phone call, we can significantly reduce the overall cost and time invested and restoration of the property. Has a locally owned and operated team of restoration technicians, our facility is close, and we can reach your emergency fast when you need us.


When fires impact your Lockport home or office, there are specific steps that can be taken immediately to help reduce the severity of the situation. While our technicians must wait for extinguishment to complete, emergency services can begin right after we are cleared to enter the property. This stage of recovery can embody many specific tasks designed to help eliminate the situation's possibility of getting worse through the structural breaches that exist both inside and outside your house. Some of these emergency services include:

    •    Board Up
    •    Tarping
    •    Fencing
    •    Debris Removal
    •    Controlled Demolition

How Do Residues Get Removed?

Soot and smoke residues can stick to many surfaces and contents throughout your Lockport residence. Because of the microscopic particles that make up soot threats, these can be a health hazard to those exposed without the appropriate personal protective equipment. Addressing these residues in coatings on surfaces must happen as soon as possible to limit these particles' circulation throughout the property. We have multiple techniques to address these concerns, including soda blasting, abrasive cleaning techniques, and controlled demolition.

Is It Possible to Removal Foul Odors After a Fire?

Deodorization is one of the final steps that our technicians take when restoring a fire damaged property. One of the reasons we wait to address this concern in your Lockport home or business is how many restorative tasks can agitate these conditions. We focus on removing residues, debris, and other threats that can add to the severity and harshness of present odor concerns in the house.


You care as much about your customers as you do about your Lockport business's appearance after a disaster. Water, fire, mold, flood, and storm losses all have unique destructive patterns that can impact your business and can force your doors closed under the right circumstances. It is our unique position to help you through this stressful time by offering effective containment strategies that allow you to continue operation in a limited capacity when possible.

How Can SERVPRO Improve the Look and Feel of My Facility?

You do not always need a disaster to take place to require cleaning services that our SERVPRO team provides. There are many steps in keeping your facility looking its best. With qualified cleaning technicians available whenever you need them, we have multiple approaches to improving the look of your Lockport property as an ongoing appointment or singular incident.

    •    Vandalism Removal
    •    Wall Cleaning
    •    Carpet Cleaning
    •    Air Quality Control
    •    Deodorization

What Is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned?

Many Lockport businesses are looking to provide their customers and their employees' peace of mind about the steps taken to reduce viral pathogens and bacteria that could be transferred on shared surfaces and communal areas. Our program offers the top products and approaches that we can provide our customers to ensure that you can be confident in your facility's safety.


There is no mistaking the severe weather that can impact Lockport and its surrounding areas throughout the year. Our preparedness for these disasters is critical when structural breaches occur. While vulnerabilities like these often lead to flooding, emergency services like temporary construction solutions can reduce the severity of these secondary effects.

How Does Standing Water Get Removed from My Structure?

Standing water is a considerable concern for every Lockport home or business, primarily because of the damage this can do to exposed materials and contents. It is critical to utilize multiple extraction tools in these flooding scenarios, many of which arrive with our technicians when we first rollout from our facility. Flood extractors include:

    •    Trash Pumps
    •    Truck-Mount Pumps
    •    Wet Vacuums

Can SERVPRO Rebuild My Property After a Storm Loss?

Reconstruction is often a need after flooding impacts your Lockport property. Our in-house contractors can work alongside restoration technicians to provide the necessary repairs, remodeling, and complete build back as needed for the structure.


After a water loss incident, the initial inspection of your property is valuable to determine the extent of the damage, the necessary equipment, and personnel required to return your Lockport home to its original condition. Often identifying the migration pattern of water loss effects is crucial in this regard, and involves multiple sophisticated tools and devices including:

    •    Surface Moisture Meters
    •    Thermal Imagery
    •    Probing Detection Tools

How Can Standing Water Get Removed?

Water removal and extraction do not always have to indicate that standing water exists in your Lockport residence. We have multiple tools and machines designed to pull water from porous materials that can quickly absorb moisture, such as carpeting and wood plank flooring. Standing water is a concern of its own, however. Removing pooling water from specific areas of your home requires efficient extraction devices such as submersible pumps, wet vacuums, and other specialty removal approaches.

What Efforts Are Necessary for Drying?

The best approaches to drying your Lockport home or business are not universal. While we do have fundamental tools and equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers that can help with evaporative drying, the placement and frequency of these machines are unique to your structure. We continuously monitor the progress of drying through our exclusive monitoring and data collection software, SERVPRO DryBook.

No matter what disaster strikes your property, our SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County team is here to help. Give us a call 24/7 at (716) 694-7776.


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