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Atlantic Hurricane Season 2022 Update

9/2/2022 (Permalink)

National Hurricane Center hurricane tracking image showing 3 storm systems that are being tracked in the Atlantic Ocean. SERVPRO Team Luzzi is available when storm damage to your property needs restoration. Call us 24/7

The 2022 Atlantic storm season has been unusually quiet. Up until now there have been only four named storms. The fourth tropical depression in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Danielle, was just named. Danielle will not be a threat to land and will remain at sea. Meteorologists are currently monitoring two other storm system but conditions in Atlantic Ocean are not ideal for creating tropical depressions. While the Atlantic is warm enough to fuel hurricane activity, the conditions in the air are dry and dusty. This reduces the chance of tropical storms. It is likely that Earl, the fifth named storm for the season will form despite these conditions. Although it's too early to know the exact path of this storm system, it is moving west to northwest at a slow pace and looks likely to pass north the Caribbean islands. It is possible that some parts of the east coast could get affected by the storm if it continues its current trajectory. Therefore, we will be closely monitoring this storm to be ready for any unexpected events.

It is well-known fact that tropical storms in the last three decades have been more wet and caused more water damage than storms in the past. While there are many factors that can cause this devastation, scientists agree that climate change has been the most important factor in the rise of storm surge and rainfall seen in almost all of major storms.

Water damage restoration experts are prepared to handle any weather conditions. We can help you assess your property and provide preventative measures that will stop the damage from happening.

SERVPRO Water Damage and Construction Services

8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment is setup in a crowded commercial space. SERVPRO Water Damage & Construction Services Help You Get To Pre-Loss Condition Faster. Call 24/7.

When residential and commercial spaces flood we are the team to call. Whether it is a broken hot water heater, or flooding from a natural disaster we can offer complete solutions to ensure your property is restored to it's preloss condition. We are different than your typical contractor because we are set up and able to respond quickly to water damage to minimize the damage to the structure and to the contents inside. In fact, we operate 24 hour a day so if further damage can be prevented we will be there to help quickly. This helps to save our customers time, money, and stress. Furthermore, we will work directly with your insurance provider so you can have peace of mind that all information needed is provided in a timely manner. We are recommended by insurance providers nationwide as a top restoration specialist for commercial and residential applications. 

Our customers are always happy to find out that after restoration and drying of the property is complete we are available to offer on-demand construction services. Our professional construction team will provide upfront, transparent pricing and begin immediately. We are able to provide a multitude of constructions services from complete reconstruction of your property, to flooring, drywall, cabinetry, moulding, painting and other constructions services.

If your commercial property or home in New York or souther New England is damaged by water call Team Luzzi. We are available and ready to help 24 hours a day to ensure a timely restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

7/28/2022 (Permalink)

Drywall has been removed from a ceiling after a fire. SERVPRO fire damage restoration services are available for commercial & residential properties in your area. Call us now.

Fire damage repair services are available 24/7 for the simple fact that when response and clean-up of a fire is immediate, the easier and more likely it is to restore and repair the structure and the items inside. This is why SERVPRO's project managers arrive as soon as possible to review your property and offer you the most efficient path forward.

During these first hours after a fire has occurred and it is safe to reenter the property, we are prepared to begin removing items that can be cleaned and restored. Our ability to save items thought lost in a fire damage amazes many of our customers. Sometimes it is sentimental items, like clothing and photos, other times it is crucial items like electronics and documents that contain personal and important information. Our team is adept and restoring all of these items and also larger items like furniture and appliances.

Our team is also prepared to manage large properties damaged by fire such as retail properties, industrial properties, and entertain & government buildings. We have the ability to quickly scale up our operations and mange large projects like these.

If your home or commercial property is damage by fire, soot, smoke or water call us immediately. Our team is available to help clean up your property immediately and can provide on-demand construction services if needed.

The Quite Before The Tropical Storm Season

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

Houses and streets are flooded after a major storm. SERVPRO's Storm Team is available to help before and after a major storm event.

2022 has been one of the hottest summers on record, but so far, there has not been much hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean. Scientist have predicted this hurricane season to be an active one, but after a few early tropical systems we have seen very little activity in the last few weeks. Of course, this is typical for July and it does not mean we are out of the woods yet. 

It is important to pay attention to meteorologist and local officials when a tropical storm or hurricane warning is in effect. SERVPRO is available to help before and after a major storm event. We have helped manage properties in the northeast through all of the major storms to come through our area in the last two decades. In this capacity we have provided window/glass board up services, sandbag placement and flood preparation services, water removal and pump-out services, drying services, demolition, clean-up and construction. In other words, we are a one stop shop for storm restoration services.

We are prepared and ready for the next major storm that comes our way and will be there to help commercial and residential property owners if damage occurs.

If you live or own a commercial property in a flood prone area, call us today. We can review your property and prioritize our response if damage does occur. 

Fire Damage Restoration Services Near Niagara County

7/5/2022 (Permalink)

Images of a damaged wall after a fire. SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County is available when fire damages your commercial property, call us 24/7.

When a fire damages a business property there are many factors that need to be considered in order to achieve a quick and successful recovery. First, it is essential to factor in the type of business location that has been affected. Retail locations such as supermarkets, restaurants, food storage, food supply, or food preparation facilities need to be treated differently than clothing retail stores or other facilities that produce non-perishable items. This is why contacting SERVPRO is the best call you can make when your commercial business property is damaged by fire.

We are the experts in fire restoration and clean-up services and provide 24/7 response to ensure we are able to be there when your property and business require our immediate attention. Your project manager will come prepared to scope your property and provide an immediate estimate for services. We will contact your insurance providers and provide them with all information needed to begin restoration immediately.

Once approved we will begin to block off damaged areas of your commercial property to avoid contamination/damage in areas where the property was not affected. If possible we will try to allow you to keep operations running partially. We will remove items that can be saved such as retail items, documents, electronics, and the like. We are able to restore most items that have not been directly affected by the fire.

Next, we will begin to clean up and restore the property. We will scale up production to match the size of the damage and to provide the correct amount of equipment to ensure all affected areas are being serviced simultaneously. Finally, we will provide construction services as needed to repair your property and get your business back up and running at 100%.

Disaster Restoration You Can Trust

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

A commercial property has been left neglected after a fire. SERVPRO Disaster Restoration services are second to none. Call us 24/7, we are here to help.

You are likely to feel anxious if you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to call a disaster restoration company. It is important to find a company that can quickly respond to your needs. Anything less will not be acceptable. SERVPRO is the best choice for property damage due to fire, flood, mold, storm or other natural disasters. We are trained to respond to client needs and take immediate action if necessary. Our team is ready for any kind of disaster. We can help with flooding or storm damage, and we can also restore damaged buildings. When it comes to disaster cleanup, management, and restoration, we can do it all.

We are also available to start construction services immediately after a disaster. This will help you speed up the process of rebuilding your property. We simplify the process by assisting you in the transition from repair to restoration and providing all necessary services to fully restore your property.

We hope you will not need our services in the near future. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and need a disaster restoration company to help, we are the best choice. We respond quickly to your needs and will provide an upfront, transparent and cost-effective restoration process.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Clean Up Near You

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Air purification equipment is setup in a hotel room. SERVPRO fire damage restoration services is available to help you 24 hours a day when fire damages your commercial or residential property.

SERVPRO is available to help you if your normal janitorial crew is unable to handle fire damage at commercial properties. We offer quick restoration and clean up services, so your commercial property can run as normal and get back at 100% as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that a commercial property fire can cause significant damage. Without the proper equipment and experience in cleaning up fire damage, it can be very difficult to restore your commercial property.

Our company is the most qualified in fire damage repair and cleanup. We also have many sister franchises that enable us to rapidly scale up production for commercial projects. This makes us the best option for commercial properties that are affected by fire, such as hotels, shopping centers and retail stores, museums, hospitals, government buildings, manufacturing units, and multi-family houses. We provide exceptional service and quick response to any property we visit. Our project managers are highly trained to thoroughly review your property, and then quickly give you an estimate to repair the damage. If you are approved, our project managers will meet with property owners and managers to discuss your restoration. We'll also provide daily updates and communications.

There are several things to remember when you have a fire damaged your property. First, the source must be identified and the structure must then be declared safe before restoration can be started. This area of damage is most likely to be the most critical when looking at the cause of the fire. It might not be the hardest area to clean. This is because the cleaning team will need to cover more territory and provide more manual labor since soot cleanup can be labor intensive. This scenario is not uncommon as we have the resources and expertise to increase our labor and production so that more technicians and equipment are available.

Please contact us immediately if any commercial property has been affected by fire. If you have any questions, our project managers will be available 24 hours a days.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services Available 24 Hours

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Air purification equipment is setup in a hotel room. Call SERVPRO when fire damage repair is needed in your commercial property. Available 24 hours, everyday!

SERVPRO should be called when fire damage to commercial property is beyond what your regular janitorial crew can handle. SERVPRO can provide immediate restoration and cleaning services so your commercial property can be back in full operation as soon as possible. We are aware that a fire can cause serious damage to commercial properties.

Our team is the area's most experienced fire damage cleanup and restoration company. We have a large network of franchises that allows us to scale up production quickly for large commercial projects. This allows us to be the best choice for commercial properties like shopping centers, sports venues, restaurants, shops, hotels and multi-family buildings. Our team is quick to respond and provides outstanding service as soon as we arrive on your property. Our project managers are skilled in assessing your property thoroughly and providing you with a quick estimate to repair it. Once approved, we will work directly to property owners, managers & insurance providers, providing daily updates and communication as the restoration progresses.

There are many factors to consider when a property is damaged by fire. Before you can start restoration, it is necessary to first inspect the source of the damage. The structure also needs to be safe to enter. This is the area most likely to be affected by fire. This area isn't necessarily the easiest to clean. Cleaning the property will require more work and more time from our team. Soot cleanup is an extremely labor-intensive task. We have the ability to scale up labor and equipment to accommodate this scenario.

Call us immediately if you have suffered damage from fire to commercial property. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

Flooding & Storms This Summer, We Got Your Back Buffalo

5/27/2022 (Permalink)

Flooding rain on a busy road with cars driving through it. SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County is Available When your Property Requires Immediate Attention, Call Us Now.

Next week will mark the official start of hurricane season. Experts predict that it will be an active hurricane season. This will be the 9th consecutive overactive season. SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County has been prepared for the 2022 summer storm season, if any severe weather is to hit. Our team has been a key part of storm restoration efforts in the area for several years. We have learned the best ways to prepare for major storms and the best techniques.

We offer storm damage assistance for commercial and residential properties. Also, we can quickly scale up operations when additional equipment or labor is required. We are the first call for large facilities, such as transportation hubs or arenas, and government buildings after a disaster.

We offer a variety of services to property managers that will help them before, during and after major storms. We offer temporary pumps, window and door board-up, tarping, sandbag installation and more.

We are here 24/7 to help you when disaster strikes!

Commercial Restoration Services You Can Count On

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tractor trailers & trucks lined up in a parking lot. SERVPRO of SW Onondaga can provide large scale disaster management and clean up services. Call us for more information.

Scalability is a huge factor in the disaster restoration world... especially when you own or manage commercial properties. This is why commercial property owners call Team Luzzi when their properties are damaged by water, fire, mold, storms, biohazards or other disasters. Our ability to quickly scale up our operations to meet the needs of the moment are second to none, we can and provided labor and equipment needed to manage and restore large commercial properties after major disasters.

Our network of franchises work together to provide a cohesive response when we are called up to stop property damage and begin the clean-up and restoration process. Our project managers are adept to accurately estimate all labor and equipment needs upon arrival. They will also provide quality, upfront and transparent estimates while working with your insurance provider every step of the way.

Our labor-ready workforce is available to work around the clock and we will provide multiple shifts of labor, working through the night, if it will prevent further damage to the property and reduce the overall time and costs to restore your property.

We will also provide the equipment needed for proper commercial property dehumidification, air moving and air purification, so your commercial property is ready for reconstruction. Our working knowledge of your property and the damage that has occurred will allow us to provide and accurate estimate to provide the reconstruction services you need quickly! Our reconstruction team is made up of veteran industry professionals ready to take on your project and provide top-quality, guaranteed craftsmanship in each and every project.