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Lockport’s History of Flooding and Efforts to Remove the Water

1/17/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged parquet flooring in living room Water damage often is very unexpected. Contact team SERVPRO right away for water removal efforts.

SERVPRO Moves Rapidly to Support Lockport Businesses After Floods and Other Water Intrusions

Lockport enjoys moderate weather for the most part but has still had its share of incredible, and excessive, thunderstorms and floods. One of the first recorded in our area happened in 1853 on Sunday, May 22. Members and guests of the First Free Congregational Church were attending afternoon services in their sanctuary on the northwest corner of Niagara and Church when a violent thunderstorm swept through what was then the village of Lockport. 

The church choir was singing in the loft immediately underneath the steeple with a large, metal lamp hanging above them. A bolt of lightning struck the steeple and traveled into the wire lamp hanger. It continued through the lamp, missing the choir completely, where it struck and killed Church Deacon Luther Crocker, who was accompanying his choir on the bass viola.

Other members of the congregation were injured in the rush to leave the building before the resulting fire from the lightning strike consumed it. A local physician, Dr. Lawrence Bristol, was close to the church when the lightning struck and rushed to assist. Most of the injuries were minor, but one young woman had severe burns on her neck from a gold necklace which partially melted from the sudden heat. 

Fortunately, the majority of the congregation only suffered from shock and Dr. Bristol was able to revive them with the cold rainwater. Despite what was described as a torrential rainstorm and eventual flood, Dr. Bristol helped remove many more members of the congregation and is credited with saving the lives of those who might have walked back into the church or other danger due to shock. 

Early Photographic Records of Lockport Flooding

A photo from about 55 years later shows the effects of another thunderstorm and flood in Lockport. In the background is the rear of the F & M Bank and was probably taken near the intersection of Elm and either Walnut or South streets. F & M was opened in 1906, so the photo had to have been taken after that, but before the Harrison Radiator plant was constructed which covers that area of Elm, Walnut, and South streets. 

Everyone in the photo is standing in ankle-deep water near a horse-drawn wagon. The advertisement on the side of the wagon is for the Lockport Candy Company and Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. There are more wagons and smaller carriages in the photo, but no automobiles; gas, steam, or electric, likely placing it before WWI. 

By the 1930s, photography was more common, not to mention cheaper, for newspapers and individuals. There are many more photos tied to a flood that struck Lockport on July 28th, 1941. They reflect the changing times, with late-model cars from the 1930s and perhaps 1940 on the flooded streets, and no wagons, carriages, or horses anywhere to be seen. A billboard for the “Giant Super Market” is seen on the Masonic Building, which was listed in the Lockport City Directory only in 1941 and 1942. According to local newspapers, while the flood was especially harsh to area farmers who had been suffering through a minor drought before the thunderstorm. Unfortunately, what was eventually measured to be two inches of rain fell on Lockport starting at about 3:30 p.m. and ended just four hours later.  

Storm Flooding Exceeded Lockport City Council Planning

The City Council was not concerned at first, since they had spent $1 Million in 1939 to enlarge and further upgrade the Lockport sewer system. The rain fell so hard and so fast, however, that the basements in area homes and businesses flooded in only 15 minutes, with the water reaching the first floors soon after that. Near the Big Bridge, at Main and Cottage, the flood formed what was described as a ‘miniature lake’ by the newspapers. One paper (The Lockport Union-Sun and Journal) described it like this: “Soon the water was flowing in the door of the Royal Confectionary store, 1 Buffalo Street, and into other Buffalo Street stores in that vicinity. At the height of the storm, it was several inches deep. The pressure of the water removed manhole covers on Market and Clintons Streets, on West Avenue and in other parts of the city.”

Rural areas flooded, causing problems for farmers as mentioned, but it was lightning, once again, that caused the damage. In Cambria, Middleport, and Newfane, barns were either set on fire, blown apart, or both. In the nearby town of Wheatfield, recently stacked straw caught fire, resulting in a total loss. Shattered and burned trees fell, bringing down both power and phone lines all over. Surprisingly, the flood did not wash away crops, so area farmers still counted it all as a blessing despite the difficulties of losing power and communications. 

SERVPRO Supports Lockport Businesses with Professional Training and Equipment

To remove water from area businesses, SERVPRO personnel train to the industry standards set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). On-hand classes from the IICRC includes Water Damage Restoration and Applied Structural Drying. 

Once certified, our specialists can return many businesses to their original, clean, dry condition. Team members use a combination of extraction devices to remove water while simultaneously drawing out moisture trapped in carpets, drywall, furniture, machinery, and personal property.  

If the water intrusion was from stormwater, a backed-up sewer line, or a failing septic tank, it is polluted with soil, human waste, and other contaminants. This does not change how SERVPRO specialists remove the water, but before efforts begin, they spray anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents over standing water and all affected property. We cannot guarantee carpets are safe after this type of flooding, so team members remove and dispose of them as soon as it is safe to do so. 

If you need commercial water removal for your Lockport business, contact SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County today at (716) 694-7776. We are here to help you reopen to your customers as quickly as possible. 

Fire Can Have a Devastating Impact on the Homes of South Lockport Residents.

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged bedroom with debris and soot everywhere Fire damage and lingering odors can greatly affect your home. Contact our expert team for effective remediation services.

SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County Can Assist South Lockport Residence with Essential Mitigation and Cleanup.

The town of Lockport is on the northern border of New York State and holds the election seat for Niagara County. The region has a history of Native American, Dutch, English, and American settlers. The county name derives from the Native American word for white waters referencing the nearby Niagara Falls, shared with Ontario Canada. Despite being part of an area with a long history of settlement, Lockport today is a relatively young hamlet in the Buffalo-Niagara Metropolitan Area. Its first official town status arrived as late as 1829. The town gets its name from the construction of Erie canal locks, which run along the Hudson River of New York and Lake Erie in Buffalo. The Eerie locks' construction was successful in bringing a large number of Irish and Scottish workers to the area. The growing industries transporting goods like salt helped to establish a thriving working community in the area, which, in turn, led to the formation of the town today. This rapid growth of industry around the locks has led to South Lockport becoming an area of significant historical worth. 

Lockport has over twenty-five sites listed with the register of historic places. In the twenty-first century, the town has sought to replace the industrial economy of its formation with a thriving tourist economy. Many visitors come here due to its proximity to the Niagara Falls State Park; however, the local government regularly lobbies for increases in funding to reconstruct historical places such as the five-point locks that could bring increases in tourism to the local community. The current largest employer within the area is General Motors, which employs residents at the Harrison Radiator Corporation. Despite a chequered history with plants being closed, sold-off, and re-purchased by GM, the current incarnation has remained a part of the community since 2009. It is an essential employer for the local community. 

  • The Lockport Visitors Center on Church Street provides tourists with a unique opportunity to explore the local history by boat. Tours run along the Erie Canal, passing by the areas of significance, and passengers are given an oral history of the surrounding area, the canal's importance to the early economy, and views of 5-point locks. 
  • Hockey fans can visit the Cornerstone Ice Arena on Grigg Lewis Way. The rink holds junior hockey matches from the Lockport local teams with foods and refreshments served. This center also runs extensive training programs for people of all ages to get involved with the sport of Hockey.
  • The town of Lockport is full of hidden passages, underground tunnels, and caves built in the 19th-century. The Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride takes fascinated guests by boat through Lockport's subterranean history. The passageway is the longest underground boat ride in the United States and explores the Hydraulic Tunnel that powered the early industrial economy with hydroelectric power. 

Places to Eat and Stay in South Lockport

There are many reasonably priced accommodations in the Buffalo Region that provide easy access to the attractions and state parks. In contrast, the plethora of independent eateries offers a unique dining experience. Stopovers along the canal can be an excellent break between tours while booking a few nights at the nearby hotel provides easy access to the Niagara State Park.

  • The Hampton Inn is a solid hotel chain that is well-suited to guests on a stopover and close enough to Niagara Falls Park to make it ideal for fishing trips or hikes. Membership holders can reduce the bills at hotels across the country while the rooms are clean with useful cooking amenities.
  • Lockport Inn and Suites is rated in the top five places to stay in South Lockport. The independent hotel offers spacious rooms and gazebos and a swimming pool for meeting guests in the evening. The location on Transit Street is a short distance from the Erie Canal and its attractions. 
  • Just down the road from the Lockport Inn and Suites is One Eyed Jacks, a memorable barbecue joint that attracts both tourists and residents. The independent eatery offers a selection of traditional foods and slow-roasted meats, deli sandwiches, and an in-house smoker for that unmistakable flavor.
  • In the summer months, the Lake Effect Ice Cream Parlor that sits directly on the canal is a refreshing stopover. On Saturdays, the parlor joins the market that occurs directly outside. As an independent ice cream store, a wide range of flavors, like the aptly named London Fog, pay tribute to the canal's local history.

SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County Can Help South Lockport Residents Get Rid of Fire Odors and Debris after an Emergency.

Buildings and contents restoration services are an essential part of the South Lockport community. An emergency, such as property fire, can cause a massive amount of stress and frustration. SERVPRO works calmly and efficiently to remove the trace elements of fire damage. By cleaning away smoke residues, correcting indoor air-quality issues, and deodorizing your property thoroughly. We pride ourselves on maintaining communication lines throughout the restoration of your home to minimize surprises and stress. Under the direction of an experienced crew chief, our production technicians can reduce personal inconvenience and return your home to a preloss condition as quickly as possible. SERVPRO is a distinguished member of the Buffalo Claims Association and the Chamber of Commerce of the Tonawandas. 

  • We are an award-winning restoration service with over fifteen years of experience working in the South Lockport Area. 
  • Our ability to identify potential problems and rectify them quickly can reduce your home losses and speed up restoration times. 
  • Using our tiered carpet cleaning training, we can restore fittings in the home using a graded cleaning method. 

The impact of fire on your home is always emotionally stressful. Contact SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County at (716) 694-7776 to reduce and mitigate losses. 

Explore the Harbor of North Tonawanda by Renting Water Bikes this December.

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

water bikes rested on a dock SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing the community enjoy Water Bike Adventures!

Water Bike Adventures is a North Tonawanda Company that Attracts Visitors All Year Round.

The Tonawanda harbor is a picturesque body of water that is best explored by taking to the water. From December 26th, Water Bike Adventures is opening bookings for paddle boats, Kayaks and Hydrobikes. This day out is suitable for all ages and is a relaxing way to experience the Gateway Harbour. Hydrobikes are stable ski-based bicycles that allow passengers to explore the waterways. Suppose you do not feel like expending energy. In that case, Water Bike Adventures offers a range of suitable electric boats for multiple passengers and allows guests to bring food, drinks, and music on board. Bookings should be made early to avoid disappointment. 

  • Safety standard life jackets are provided for all users of Kayaks, Boats, and Hydrobikes.
  • Water Bike Adventures is situated on Young Street, just a short ride from the Gateway Harbor.
  • Rentals are booked hourly, although electric boat tours sell out quickly, so book early.

Wet weather can increase the chances of mold growth in your home. If you notice persistent, musty odors, contact SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County at (716) 694-7776.

Get a New Perspective on Lockport's Trade History this December.

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

a gift with the words gift shop below it It will be exciting to see the community visiting the discovery center in Lockport!

The Erie Canal Discovery Center Encourages Visitors to Interact with Lockport's Past.

The discovery center in Lockport is a fantastic way to stay in touch with local history. The multi-story museum is open through December and tells the story of the five-locks and the influential role in the formation of this town in Niagara county. The interactive exhibits allow visitors to work through the locks themselves while in-character actors tell the story of working on the canal's construction. Opening times run from November 1st through to April 30th. Early tours begin at 10 am, while afternoon tours commence at 2 pm. The Discovery Center is owned and maintained by the Niagara County Historical Society who focuses on bringing history to life for young children and adults. 

  • The three stories of the museum are all wheelchair accessible. 
  • Guided tours and interactive exhibits encourage visitors to live the history of Lockport.
  • The Lock, Stock & Barrel gift shop is a great way to support the center and pick up a souvenir of your visit. 

Business premises could face temporary closure due to water intrusion this winter. Contact SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County at (716) 694-7776 for commercial water restoration services.

Children’s Etiquette Online Intro Course in Lockport

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van parked with forest background SERVPRO politely arrives at your water damaged Lockport home to begin the cleanup and restoration, "Like it never even happened."

Lockport Kids Ages 7 – 12 Can Learn About Proper Etiquette with this Free Course

Elaine Swann is the creator of The Swann School of Protocol and hosts this virtual class on manners. Etiquette is a character trait that is fast disappearing. If you want your children to learn politeness and manners, this introductory course will get them started. The course covers three core values. Kids learn when and how to use their manners:

  • At home
  • In school
  • When out and about

The class is prerecorded. After you are registered, you will be sent the link in an email. Younger children may need help with writing exercises. It is a free class, but you do need to pre-register. It takes place Friday, November 27, from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM. For more information or to register, contact Mabelle Lim, 1-800-437-6125.

As families in the community, SERVPRO proudly supports art, culture, and etiquette for the children in the area. SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County provides water restoration services in Lockport. If you have water damage that requires mitigation, contact us at (716) 694-7776.

Lockport Residents Can Experience Storms that Cause Home Damage

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van parked at HQ Stormy weather in Lockport? No Problem, our SERVPRO green fleet can arrive swiftly for cleanup and restoration

SERVPRO Can Provide Storm Flooding Cleanup in Lockport When Bad Weather Strikes

Roughly 18 miles from Niagara Falls is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in upstate New York. The town of Lockport is rich in history with a promising future. Once a thriving center for commerce and industry, much of the business today comes from heavy industry and research-oriented manufacturing. It is a friendly town known as the Niagara Frontier and has much to offer those looking to relocate to the area.

Ancient History to Incorporation

The Neuter Indians once lived in the area that is now Lockport city. Ancient artifacts have been discovered dating back to 8,000 B.C. It was a fertile land where settlers could come and develop farms. They could grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables in the rich soil.

The town split from Cambria and Royalton and was incorporated on February 2, 1824. Settlers came from all over to explore the land. They came from:

  • Scotland
  • England
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy

They found themselves following Indian trails, many of which would become roads. Transit Road is still in existence and got its start in 1798. The road began at the Pennsylvania Line and ran to Lake Ontario and was 92 miles long and 800 feet wide. There were three toll roads in the town during this time, and Transit Road was the first. Many people, animals, and wagons moved along that roadway as the town began to grow.

Change Comes with the Erie Barge Canal

In 1825, Lockport began their portion of the Erie Barge Canal. The then western terminus of the canal was home to a tavern that was also a mail stop. This brought about a serious change to the location as it encouraged further growth.

While small in size, to begin with, the canal was enlarged twice. The first time was in 1860, then later in 1909. It is no longer used for industrial purposes but is a favorite area for recreational activities. Residents can enjoy concerts, cycling, fishing, jogging, and walking trails.

Modern Transportation

Lockport was quite modern with its trolley line from Buffalo to Lake Ontario with a stop at Olcott in between. Several railroads had paths through the town. Some of these are still in use today.  With these modern conveniences came growth.

Education – The Road to a Successful Future

In 1956 many schools were consolidated, but at one time, there were 16 one-room schoolhouses. Students of all grades were taught in these schools, as learning was important to the community from the beginning. If you wish to step back in time, you can visit the District 5 “Pomeroy” school. The Town of Lockport Historical Society renovated the schoolhouse, and visitors can see the techniques that Dr. Ruth Muck used when teaching. It still has the original school bell. 4-H is a significant outreach in the area, which is another educational arm of the community. Kids can learn about so many things, including:

  • Gardening
  • Modeling
  • Animal science
  • Nutrition
  • Dinner theater
  • Ecology
  • Crafts

General Motors Brings Jobs

Today the biggest employer in the area is General Motors Components. The company began in 1912 as the Harrison Radiator Company, and in 1918 General Motors Corporation incorporated it as a division of the company.

Beautiful Place to Explore

Lockport is a lovely town with the Erie Canal running right through the town’s center. A set of two modern locks at the Niagara Escarpment is where the canal climbs. Visitors can enjoy boat rides at the Erie Canal Cruises and Lockport Locks. Other places of interest include:

  • Canal Discovery Center – Close to the locks, the center is in an old church.
  • Lockport Erie Canal Museum – Experience history through photos, antique machinery, and more. This is in an old lock control structure and is the only remaining “Flight of Five” Locks spillway of the original five.
  • Niagara County Historical Society – Learn the history of Niagara by exploring the Society’s rich archives and displays.
  • Lockhart Cave and Underground Boat Ride Tour – Located near the locks, it is a fun adventure for the entire family.
  • 100 American Craftsman – Annual arts and crafts show.
  • Ida Fritz Park – Host to many local events, including the Taste of Lockport and summer Cruise Nights.
  • New Ice Rink for the Lockport Express and Clarence Mustangs.
  • Home to the widest bridge in North American. It spans the canal.

Not only is Lockport a great place to live but a fantastic place to visit. It has its own historical and enjoyable venues and is close to Niagara Falls. An excellent place for a base when exploring the Falls. Plenty of bed and breakfasts or hotels to make any stay pleasant.

Storms Can Hit Anywhere at Any Time

Storm damage occurs all across the county, but cities near water can be especially susceptible. In the last 100 years, sea levels have risen. The result is an increase in both the number of storms and the flooding they can cause. Coastal towns should always be prepared for unexpected flooding. SERVPRO encourages Lockport residents to have a plan in place in case of storm flooding. This includes things such as:

  • Have an evacuation plan in place.
  • Prepare emergency supplies such as water and batteries.
  • Make copies of important documents and have them ready to go.
  • Ensure you have an out-of-area contact as a communication center.
  • Talk to your homeowner’s insurance company and have the needed flood insurance coverage.

Professional Storm Damage Mitigation

If you need storm flooding cleanup in Lockport, SERVPRO has the experience, expertise, and equipment to tackle the job. Our technicians possess their Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We understand what is needed to keep our employees and you safe during the floodwater restoration process. You can expect our crew to:

  • Provide any emergency mitigation services needed
  • Remove structural components and content that cannot be salvaged
  • Contain the spread of contaminated water
  • Sanitize impacted surfaces
  • Water extraction and drying of premises
  • Perform controlled demolition as needed
  • Clean, repair, and restore your home to preloss condition whenever possible

SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County is available around the clock for storm flooding cleanup. Contact us at (716) 694-7776 if we can help you in any way.

Herschell Carousel Factory Museum Virtual Tours & Workshops in North Tonawanda

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

a beautiful carousel of horses SERVPRO keeps the mold off of these beautiful horse that you can see on the North Tonawanda Virtual Tour.

Learn About Carousels and More – Visit in Person or Take a Virtual Tour on North Tonawanda

Who doesn’t love a carousel? It brings forth memories of times past and lazy summer fair days. Allan Herschell certainly enjoyed them and other amusement park rides. He was a partner in the Armitage Herschell company. This company was one of the area’s first carousel companies, and Allan starting working for them in 1873. He would go on to work for Herschell-Spillman Company. 

The Allan Herschell Company shipped carousels all over the world. His company was known for its quality rides, and they were sent throughout:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • India
  • Tahiti
  • South Africa
  • Mexico

They did so well they produced more hand-carved wooden carousels than any other company. Each carousel had beautiful horses that were simple yet elegant. Over time they produced over 3,000 of these carousels. 

Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum

Today this museum has programs that enhance fun and learning. Virtual tours and workshops are available during this time of distancing. You can see a recorded museum tour, check out the Simple Machines 2.0 workshop, or participate in Binary Bracelets. 

SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County provides mold remediation and cleanup in North Tonawanda. If you need mold mitigation, contact is at (716) 694-7776.

Do Lockport Homeowners Need to Worry About Groundwater Flooding?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property - image of boots on wet floor Do not let groundwater flooding permanently damage your home.

Lockport Homes Can Be Impacted By Groundwater Flooding and Require Professional Mitigation

Often flood damage is associated with storms and bad weather conditions that cause flash flooding. But that is not always the case. Lower levels in Lockport homes can experience flooding when groundwater penetrates the building. It puts your home at risk for structural and secondary damage.

What Happens When Groundwater Enters the Structure?
Groundwater enters the home through the foundation because of hydrostatic pressure. It seeps in through various penetration points, such as weakened mortar joints. The result is exposed standing water that gets rapidly absorbed by porous materials such as drywall. Water is corrosive and can cause extensive damage. Anything stored on the lower levels of your home can become waterlogged, contaminated, and develop mold. If left untreated, it can quickly become a widespread emergency. Immediate flood damage services in Lockport can give you back your home.

What Mitigation Does SERVPRO Provide?
Our emergency response team arrives on the scene and does a scope to determine the source of the flooding. Any emergency mitigation needed is done at this time. Our technician's efforts include:
    •    Water extraction using pumps designed for dealing with flood water
    •    Debris and mid removal
    •    Inspecting for water entry points
    •    Repairs and restoration
    •    Sanitizing with antimicrobial and antifungal agents

We can provide the needed repairs and, in many cases, full-scale build-backs. Controlled demolition allows our technicians to remove heavily impacted structural elements. This allows complete drawing in hard to reach areas as well. Penetration points can be repaired and sealed against further flooding.

Do not let groundwater flooding permanently damage your home. Contact SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County at (716) 694-7776 for expert flood damage service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Can Lockport Properties be Returned to Normal after a Fire Through Cleaning?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Restoring an HVAC system can be time-consuming, but it is also essential to return your home to a preloss condition.

Cleaning Smoke and Soot Residues is a Crucial Part of Fire Damage Restoration. SERVPRO Can Help Get your Lockport Residence Back to Normal.

How does smoke spread through a property?
Smoke damages are among the chief causes of concern for your Lockport home. While firefighting efforts can often contain the fire source, smokes are much more difficult to trap in one area. These chemical-filled gases rise upwards with heat and pressure while always seeking cooler air. The result is a structure that shows signs of smoke residues both in the area of damages and on walls and ceilings throughout. Since the residues come from the gas, they can reach and enter almost any spaces in the home. It is common to find smoke residues in cabinets, drawers, electrical fittings, textiles, and mechanical systems in the house. In some cases, an odorous smoke can permeate the building assembly itself, affecting insulation and assembly frames. Our technicians can help you to locate and remove the residues through established cleaning methodology and training.

Do Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) systems need replacing after a fire?
Inspecting HVAC systems is an essential part of fire damage restoration in your Lockport home. The ductwork can transport hot smoke throughout the house and should be switched off, along with any electrics, immediately when a fire breaks out. Unfortunately, switching off the mains electrics is not always possible. That can lead to large amounts of smoke entering an HVAC system, overloading any inbuilt filters, and redistributing throughout the home. Cleaning a system like these is usually only necessary in situations where there is moderate to significant damages. Replacing an HVAC system is unnecessary unless there is material damage to the mechanics. If mechanical ducts are not cleaned during fire restoration, they can store smokes and redistribute them into the clean parts of the structure once power is restored.

What factors influence HVAC damage from the fire?
    •    The location of the fire is compared to the HVAC system and whether smoke has entered the return or supply side of the ductwork.
    •    The length of time that a housefire was burning before the flames where extinguished
    •    Whether the blower for the HVAC was in operation during the fire, although air-pressure can force smoke into a switched off the system as well.

What qualifications do you need to inspect an HVAC system?
Conducting repair of an air-conditioning system is a job for a specialist. However, fire restoration technicians can work with the non-moving parts of the system to clean and restore them. Some knowledge is required to understand what parts of a system could be damaged. Mechanical components like turning vanes, dampers, cooling coil, and mixing boxes should undergo tests to ensure there is no malfunction. Some of the parts can be replaced relatively cheaply. The ability to disassemble some or all of the HVAC system is also useful during the inspection to gain access to the interior ductwork and make an informed decision regarding the restoration requirements. If necessary, SERVPRO can arrange for a subcontractor to replace some or all of the HVAC systems, which can be included within your claim report allowing you to only deal with one point of contact during the service.

What approaches influence HVAC restoration?
    •    The material construction of the system, whether sheet metal, duct board or flex duct. Whether there is insulation in the ductwork.
    •    Are smoke residues severe enough to justify the system's disassembly and whether the mechanical components may need removing. HVAC disassembly is reserved for specifically qualified technicians
    •    The condition of the filters on both the return and supply side of the system. These may need cleaning or replacing

How do technicians clean ductwork?
Cleaning the ductwork of an HVAC system is an effective mitigation procedure against further damages and is often necessary for fire restoration. First, we remove air intakes and vent registers as well as air-handling filters. Negative air pressure or vacuuming can help to remove soots or dust from inlets and outlets in the system. Accessible areas can also be washed. Duct sealer can be applied to the HVAC using fogging equipment and the HVAC systems blower to distribute and is an efficient way of controlling malodors that may occur due to the fire.

What parts of HVAC fire damage affect a home?
    •    The type of smoke residues that are present within the ductwork
    •    The extent of residue, whether major, moderate or minor
    •    The presence of malodor

Restoring an HVAC system can be time-consuming, but it is also essential to return your home to a preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County at (716) 694-7776.

Why Choose Full-Service Water Restoration Over DIY?

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green service van Customers in Lockport rest easy when the SERVPRO VAN Pulls up to their property to begin water damage cleanup and restoration

SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Saves You Time and Money When Bringing Your Lockport Home Back to Normal Again

Big or small, any water intrusion inside your home can bring headaches, stress, and costly repairs. Rather than waiting too long to call in the pros or trying your hand at cleaning up yourself, SERVPRO can be at your Lockport property within hours. Regardless of the water incident size, you can feel confident in our services and attention to detail. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Do I Need to Worry About Secondary Damage?

Any moisture left behind once you have a leak or interior flood can amplify your water damage in Lockport. Even if you think you used your wet vacuum to pull up all of the water, you may be missing areas where water traveled. These are things to keep in mind:

  • Water travels to dry spaces while following the path of least resistance.
  • Moisture often ends up under flooring, behind baseboards, and underneath cabinetry, which remains invisible to the naked eye.
  • Secondary water damage occurs when moisture lingers, including the destruction of building materials and the onset of mold and mildew.

Did you know that mold requires moisture to grow?

It takes hold in as little as 24 hours of your water incident, so rapid cleanup is crucial.

When you contact SERVPRO to help with water damage, we make our initial assessment and then commence with water removal, cleaning, and damage restoration. Whether you have saturated drywall that needs replacement or warped subflooring, we can ensure the right professionals are on the job to bring everything back to the preloss condition. When the entire project gets wrapped up, your interior will be “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County is the team to call when you want professional water damage restoration results. We can be reached 24 hours a day for emergency service and cleanup by calling (716) 694-7776.