Recent Before & After Photos

Refrigerator Clean up

The household refrigerator is a major appliance that is often forgotten about when cleaning the kitchen. It is important to keep up to date on a cleaning schedu... READ MORE

Work Room Clean up

This was a flooded basement in Lewiston, New York. It was a result of a failed sump pump. After the sump pump was properly fixed by a plumber, our crews came ... READ MORE

Storage room loss

This was a flooded basement in Lockport, New York. It was a result of a frozen pipe. This winter has presented many frigid temps in our area that have caused ... READ MORE

Basement Cleanup

The crew cleaned up a home Niagara Falls, NY. The home needed a deep clean in the whole home: bathroom, kitchen, laundry, basement. A dumpster was rented and p... READ MORE

Laundry Room Flood

The basement flooded due to a failed sump pump as a result of a power outage. The water from the loss had affected 3 rooms. The before picture illustrates the ... READ MORE

Carpet Stain

The customer at this home had a concerning stain in their beautiful light carpet. The stain was from some make up that had spilled. The customer was unsure th... READ MORE

Sewage Back up in Basement

This basement was flooded with sewage water in Niagara Falls, NY. It was in result of a storm that had occurred. When we arrived on scene the water was approx... READ MORE

Crawlspace Mold Remediation

The mold was located in a crawl space under the home. The area was Heppa Vaccumed and properly wiped down. The area was then treated with an antimicrobial and p... READ MORE

Back up in bathroom

Bathroom affected by sewage back up in drain Our crew arrived to sewage back up from a drain in the bathroom . The crew antimicrobial sprayed and properly dried... READ MORE

Back up from Storm

The customer had a sewage back up due to heavy rainfall. The crews extracted a removed the carpet and pad. The area was properly dried out with dehumidifiers an... READ MORE