Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Clean up Restaurant

Our crew was called to a restaurants kitchen. They deep cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom.  The restaurant manager was very happy with the job th... READ MORE

Mold Clean up

Crawlspace Mold RemediationMold is very dangerous to have in your home and can cause multiple health problems to you and your family.We were called into a home ... READ MORE

Basement Flood

This is a picture of a Flooded basement that was as a result of a sum-pump failure. There was a lot of silt and debris that was pushed up. The water was appro... READ MORE

Chair Restoration

This picture shows a clear illustration on how SERVPRO of ENC can make it “Like it never even happened”. The pictures of the chair show the chair before and th... READ MORE

Chest Restoration

This pictures shows how our crews at SERVPRO of ENC can restore furniture back to their previous conditions. The before picture shows the amount of significan... READ MORE

Wet Hardwood floors

These pictures show the water damage to a customer’s hard wood flooring as a result of a pipe bursting in the bathroom. Our crews came out to assess the amount... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

Our crews at SERVPRO ENC were called out to a fire that occurred in the kitchen. The amount of damage was quite significant and many of the customer’s possessi... READ MORE

Oven Damage

This pictures illustrates the deep cleaning our crews performed on an oven with minor fire. The before pictured shows the amount and severity of the damage that... READ MORE

Refrigerator Clean out

Our crews at SERVPRO enc were called in to do a deep cleaning in a home in Youngstown, NY. They began their work in the kitchen, beginning with the refrigerato... READ MORE

Tub Cleaning

Our Crews were called to a  deep cleaning job .  There was alot of dust and debris in the customers home.  We focused on the bathroom,  wher... READ MORE